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    Receiver Drier

    Accumulators and Receiver-Driers built to high tolerance manufacturing ensures durability
    Solid construction supporting higher operating pressures on newer systems
    Accumulators and Receiver-Driers help to remove debris and moisture from the system
    Assures cold A/C temperatures on even the hottest days
    Promotes smoother, quieter A/C system operation
    Limits internal corrosion, extending A/C system life

    While often overlooked in regular vehicle service, accumulators and receiver-driers play an important role in A/C operation. These components manage the flow of liquid and vapor refrigerant through the system, assuring maximum output and smooth, surge-free operation. DENSO’s accumulators and receiver-driers also contain powerful desiccant packages to isolate harmful moisture from the system, protecting the internal components from corrosion, which can wear systems prematurely from the inside out and create costly leaks.

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